Extra Care Registration


Registration opened on June 20, 2024 for the 2024-25 School Year. 

Summer Camp Registration opened in March 2024.



Brightwheel allows our current clients to access their own payment history and statements (for tax and dependent care purposes). For information on how to access that information, CURRENT M&M Clients can find a helpful link HERE.
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A Before and After School Program

M&M Extra Care allows parents who work to know that their child is well cared-for in a high quality out-of-school time setting. We provide experiences with the child in mind and strive to support a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where students can develop their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional capacities. We believe that strong partnerships with families, co-workers and school-day teachers will aid in the growth and development of each child. Our team of professionals are provided with an equally safe and cooperative workplace where honesty, integrity, trust, respect, and ongoing professional education is our primary responsibility.


We want to have the children in our care not want to go home when parents arrive!
Parents should feel confident that their children are in good hands after school.

What happens at M&M?

Various activities are provided daily that encourage independence, exploration, and a feeling of self-worth and community. Group games, board games, open-ended art, choice center activities, and choice quiet time are examples of daily options for the students. Planned activities will often incorporate STEM, SEL, reading, and language arts skills.

Located at your school!

Homework time is provided daily

Outside or gym time provided daily

Simple breakfast or snack provided daily

Students are grouped by grade level whenever possible

Activities that often include math, reading and language arts skills

Introducing Brightwheel

Brightwheel is an online tool for classroom management, communication, photos, videos, online bill pay, and much more. Brightwheel is the industry leader in early education, proven to save time for staff, allowing for measurably more time with students, while also delivering a much better experience for parents.

Parents are required to utilize this platform for student sign-in and out, communication and billing. Brightwheel is available on the web using a desktop browser (billing, financial reports and communication) and thru a mobile app (for student check-in/out, communication and billing ).

Adding Approved Pick-ups and Additional Parents

Parents have total control of who may pickup their student(s) as well as who sees the daily feed of activities. If you need to add contacts to your students' account, please view this helpful article.

Parent Handbook

We suggest you download and save a copy of the handbook to your computer.

You may want to refer to the handbook throughout the year to check on policies and procedures. Many clients have questions about billing, snow days, schedule changes, vacations and cancellation of services. The handbook will answer all these questions and more. It's not a bad idea to actually read the handbook before you sign the contract. :-)

Licensing Rules

M&M Extra Care School-Age Programs are licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services, Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing. Click the button below for a copy of the current Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers.


You can view more about each M&M team on your school page. Find your school here.

What kind of training do the Enrichment Specialists and Site Leaders complete?

Many of our Enrichment Specialists have completed or are pursuing degrees in Education or other Child Related fields. All Staff are required to participate in ongoing Continuing Education throughout the year. Although the minimum requirement of licensing is 16 clock hours per year, all M & M Team Members are required to complete at least 24 clock hours annually within the following Core Knowledge Areas:

  • Child Development

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Health, Safety and Nutrition

  • Observation, Documentation and Assessment

  • Family and Community Engagement

  • Interactions and Guidance

  • Management

  • Professionalism

What do we expect from our Site Leaders?

Our Site Leaders are there to provide support to our staff, the students in our program and to their parents. On a daily basis, they monitor Enrichment Specialist classrooms to ensure that our specialists are meeting or exceeding our quality expectations. The Site Leaders work closely with the enrichment specialists to establish that they have quality lesson plans which include a variety of educational and social activities. The Site Leader also maintains the flow of communication between M & M Extra Care and the school sites, speaking to teachers and other school staff about how we can work together to best support the students in our care.

Site Leaders also work with the students to help them remember the moral focus and help encourage positive behavior choices.

Additionally, Site Leaders are present to provide support and resources for our M & M Parents, working with them to guarantee that their student is given the opportunities and activities to keep them engaged and involved during the before and after-school care program.

What do we expect of our Enrichment Specialists?

It is imperative that our specialists play an active role in lesson planning to provide a diverse and enriching experience in before and after-school care. Time is provided for the Enrichment Specialists to prepare for their day with supplies and planning for at least 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after the students are present.

We expect our Specialists to develop relationships with their students and their families, to promote a safe and nurturing environment and to foster a supportive partnership with the parents or guardians in the role of caring for each student.


As a Licensed Childcare Program, all staff must complete comprehensive background checks, which include fingerprinting, FBI, CPS, DHS and State Police record searches. The State of Michigan administers and provides the systems for these checks.